What will be the position of Joe Biden in the trade and technology war with China? | Deal

The arrival of Joe Biden to the presidency of the United States opens a new diplomatic chapter in the commercial and technological war between the North American country itself and China. During the four years of the Trump administration restrictions have been tightened on companies such as Huawei, which so far cannot receive supplies from US organizations and that has been limited in its penetration in the public administrations of the geography. This veto also affects other firms such as the semiconductor manufacturer ZTE, and, in addition, to social platforms such as TikTok o WeChat, under the argument that they may be collecting data from companies and users for the Government of Beijing.

From Huawei they estimate that the change of political course can improve not only their relations with the United States, but with all of Europe. In fact, the vice president of the company, Victor Zhang has already asked Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, to reconsider his position on the ban on involving Huawei in the construction of the 5G network in the United Kingdom.

However, there are several experts who believe that Biden will continue Trump’s policies, recalling that it was the Democrat Barack Obama who started this hard line against Chinese tech. In a debate organized by US Telecom and Inside Cybersecurity, the privacy and cybersecurity expert, Norma Krayem, has assured that “Biden is aware of what countries like Russia and China can commit in terms of interference and cybersecurity”.

Likewise, Robert Mayer, senior vice president of cybersecurity and innovation at US Telecom, spoke of concerns about the deployment of 5G infrastructures in the world. “Obviously, China plays with different laws and with other values”. In addition, he said, the Chinese government subsidizes Huawei and the law requires its companies to provide information to the country’s intelligence agencies. “All this constitutes a risky proposition for the deployment of 5G. We will have to think about the seriousness of the threat posed by the country in more generic terms such as artificial intelligence, telecommunications, quantum computing or bioengineering ”.


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