What will Guardiola’s next destination be after City? What will Guardiola’s next destination be after City?

Pep Guardiola is one of the most coveted coaches in the world. In just over a decade on the bench, his record shines with 29 titles, including two Champions League, three Spanish leagues, three Bundesligas and two Premier League. It is not surprising that the Catalan coach always has proposals on the table and that your future is very present in the agenda of the big clubs, despite having recently signed an extension of his contract with Manchester City until 2023.

The coach who knew how to make the most of the figure of Leo Messi receives our attention for the markets he moves and above all because his season in England is not exactly to be calm. Fifth in the Premier and with the eternal doubt of whether he will be able to make the ‘citizens’ get their coveted Champions, Catalan appears in the betting markets as a viable option to change benches. Two teams are the favorites to take over their services starting with the Juventus of Turin. The Italian team, with Andrea Pirlo without convincing many, has the budget and the charm that can seduce a Pep who redirected his career to Italy as a footballer when at Barça he no longer had the assured title. In the transalpine country they keep very good memories of a person who made a name for himself in Brescia and in Rome. His signing for the bianconeros trades to 2.50 this being a very attractive fee.

The Italian road is not the only one that is trading strongly in our markets. Pep always has the door of Barça’s return open, although he has publicly denied his desire to return to what was his home. That he changes his mind and agrees to return – perhaps with Laporta? – is paid to 2.50 being also a good market opportunity. Guardiola, no matter how hard he tries, has a pending account with the Camp Nou and everyone knows it.

The third option in betting draws attention and it also brings with it a lot of morbidness. Pep training the Spanish team? That is the option and it is not entirely unreasonable to think about it. No one would have believed Luis Rubiales, president of the Federation, capable of convincing a guy with a pedigree like Luis Enrique and he succeeded in 2018 with a brief interruption. That Guardiola follow that path and the ‘La Roja’ tracksuit is put back on it is paid to 8.50.

In fourth and fifth position and the same share of 11.00 they are located Paris Saint Germain -where he would meet with Neymar- and the New York City FC. Pep has an escape route with Ligue 1 and the large budget that the French capital manages, while the Big Apple is a familiar place for him as evidenced by the sabbatical year that he enjoyed there after training Barça.

Following these trails we already find various options like any club in Qatar to 15.00 or a possible return to Bayern Munich to 21.00. In Germany they still do not forgive him for not being able to win a Champions League with that great team.

From here, the crazy and improbable options for Guardiola’s future emerge. That one day I coach United it is paid to 34.00while taking the controls of the Argentine national team -To see Messi? 51.00. If we want the ultimate madness to bet we have it quoting to coach Real Madrid as the next club to 101.00. It may seem like an innocent, but bigger betrayals have been seen in the world of football.

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