What you should know before getting a healing crystal

Speaking to INSIDERCrystal healer Azalea Lee explained that commitment comes down to awareness of your energy. “Sometimes if you look at a crystal, there are about 30 different meanings attributed to it,” said Lee INSIDER. “So, suppose you see a crystal – a small messed-up stone you’re very attracted to. Take that stone and put it in your pocket for 30 days or put it under your pillow. Don’t read any information about it. So, at the end of those 30 days, look at what people say about that crystal. See if you felt that energy. ”

Most of the time, you will be attracted to the crystal you need most. “Don’t just take a crystal because there is someone else or because you read that it could be useful,” warned Lee, adding: “For me, this takes away the power from your hands and your experience.”

According to Askinosie and Lee, once you find a crystal that your body responds to, keep it with you. But whatever you do, be sure to clean it before use. “They have been removed from the ground, other people have touched them, sometimes they have been shaped into spheres or hearts. So you should purify that energy,” said Timmi Jandro, co-founder alongside Askinosie INSIDER. Place them in front of the sun or moon to prepare them for use.

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