“When it’s done”; Chris Roberts on his big ambitions

“When it’s done” is now the slogan that will apply to the release date of Star Citizen: Squadron 42. Chris Roberts stated in one Community opinionthat the single player adventure will definitely not be released this year. There was also no longer any talk of the beta that was postponed several times or the structure of the episodes. “It’s ready when it’s done”.

Chris Roberts: “I know everyone wants a final date that Squadron 42 will be ready, but the best answer I can give you is that when it is done it will be ready – and it will be not this year. But from December you should get a better insight into what the team is working on and what still needs to be done. With the briefing room you will get a much deeper insight into what we have done – as well as into functions and content that we can share without spoilers. ”

If everything goes according to plan, the publicly available roadmap for Star Citizen and Squadron 42 should (at least) be published by the end of the year, after the studio’s communication policy has been criticized again and again in the past weeks and months (we reported). According to Roberts, realizing this roadmap is not an easy endeavor because you have 500 employees and the project design is quite complex – and some development teams would work on both projects or basic technologies. The progress of the project will also be illustrated in the video series “The Briefing Room”. The first edition has also been published.

Chris Roberts went on to explain that he could have kept to the concept originally planned in 2012. But after expanding the scope of Star Citizen, “he felt” that he had to develop a single player game that could rival Star Citizen’s multiplayer ambitions.

“With the amount of love and effort that has gone into Squadron 42, we won’t release it until it is fully developed, plays great, and has an emotional oomph,” said Roberts. After all, the game should be the “big one.” Space adventures from the big screen “are in no way inferior. Especially since you can interact with the characters played by well-known actors and “build relationships with them”. Roberts said that the battles, characters, and locations from Squadron 42 would have made any Star Wars film “proud”.

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