“When things are like this, it is not the time to make decisions”

Mikel Arteta, coach of English Arsenal, was consulted at a press conference this Wednesday about the situation of Lucas Torreira, footballer of the club that is on loan in the Atlético de Madrid. The Uruguayan midfielder expressed in ESPN that he wanted to leave European football to return to South America and be closer to his family after his mother passed away in recent days.

“We already spoke with him. This is a difficult time for him. He was very attached to his mother and his family. These are hard times, on an emotional level there are many thoughts and things that go through your mind … calm down, when things are like this, it is not the time to make decisions “, said the Spanish coach.

Asked if he could understand the desire of the Uruguayan footballer to return to the region and what he expressed about playing in Boca Juniors, and responded: “I understand that you may feel emotional about your need and responsibility to be closer to your family, but it is not the time to make decisions, they are decisions that have to be made by different parties and for now nothing is going to change. It was just an interview, some comments, we’ll wait to see what will happen ”.

Arteta also said that it is very common for footballers to go through different emotional stages throughout their careers, and that you have to know how to deal with it. He also indicated that “when you sign a player from abroad, who sometimes struggle to adapt to a culture, language or new way of doing things, there is a risk and you have to be able to handle it and make the right decisions at the time. suitable”.


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