when will home test kits be available?

Wand I had a question from Sophie via WhatsApp. Sophie He asks:

‘I fall into the extremely vulnerable category after a kidney transplant 24 years ago. A term I don’t really like because I usually lead a perfectly normal healthy life.

‘My 13 year old daughter developed a cough, sore throat and mild temperature on Friday night and spent the weekend in bed. She is on the mend but we were unable to get her tested because her symptoms were mild. With my health in mind, should it have been tested?

“I was unable to contact 111 or my family doctor and none of the central or national government websites provide any guidance.”

Here’s what Anne must say:

I am happy to hear you lead a perfectly healthy and normal life and it must be strange to be classified in the “extremely vulnerable” category. This means that you have to be “protected” – to use government terminology – and spend 12 weeks at home with absolutely minimal contact with other people. If the rest of us find this difficult period, it must be even more difficult for people like you. I have analyzed the government websites and cannot find any reference to the accelerated tests for family members and it looks like something that has been overlooked.

The government’s advice is to keep as far away as possible from family members – even those who are healthy – as a way to minimize infections.


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