When would Apple launch the foldable iPhone?

Apple still has many doubts about the foldable iPhone. Various reports indicated that it would hit the market in 2023, although it seems more wishful thinking than reality.

According to him TheElec site, the development of a product requires Apple a job of at least 2 or 3 years. In this way, the Cupertino company should already be working on the model, something that is not happening.

For the moment, Apple only works on the folding screen. To develop this technology, it forged an alliance with LG, a company that already has its hands on the panel. He had also asked Samsung for references.

On the other hand, Apple sees sales of Samsung folding phones in 2020 as a red flag. Of the 5 million units it expected to sell, it was only able to sell half.

Taking all these data into account, and that the Cupertino company has not yet made the investment for its development, it is expected that the first foldable iPhone will reach the market in 2024 at least.

Source: Ambito

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