Where to ask for help if your child’s computer was damaged by the winter storm | Video | Univision 23 Dallas Ft. Worth KUVN

presenter: jairo lozano sefind live forexplain what kind of helpexists for those who passed throughsomething like that. jairo, goodnights.jairo: present this problem andthey asked me for 24 hours becausepreviously computersportable were not coveredfaced with these crises. but Ireported that due topandemic, they can report themelectronic so thatreplenish, so that your childrencan move on with theireducation.everything was filled with water.reporter: aérica opened usthe doors of the place wherecalled home, where it happenedthe opening of thepipe, causing losses. theincident happened agoexactly one week whennorth texas and much ofof the state was going throughfor one of the largestfrost. they lost clothes,furniture and electronics. Explainwho paid $ 7000 for one of theyour children’s computer, butwho has no money tobuy another. when presenting thescenario that this family isfacing, fema answered whatnext: if any member of thehome owns thecomputer, is eligible asan item of propertypersonal. to this family it isdifficult to return to this sitewhere so many are locked upsouvenirs.It is very difficult for eachtime I come back here.reporter: the districts ofdallas explained to us that noare holding the

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