Which Apple Watch should I buy in 2021? Series 6, SE, or Series 3?

During the close of 2020 and at least the entire first half of 2021, Apple will officially sell 3 smartwatches: Apple Watch Series 3, SE y Series 6 (S6). I’ve been testing the S6 for over a month, after using the previous generation for a full year.

This experience is captured in this chapter of our Podcast, and thus give you an idea of which Apple watch should you choose during this year, before meeting a new family.

Recall that the current general Apple Watch, Series 6 and SE, were presented last September, having as great news the incorporation of two exclusive colors for the S6 (red and blue), in addition to the sensor to measure oxygen levels in the blood.

Apple Watch Series 6.
Apple Watch Series 6.

In the case of the Apple Watch SE, which was also introduced in September, It has the exact same physical design and size as the Series 6. Reducing costs by not incorporating the same sensors and staying with the previous generation processor (S5 Chip).

All the conversation can be heard in the video attached to the beginning of this article or, if you prefer, via Spotify. Remember to subscribe to our Podcast.

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