Which cell phone manufacturer was the winner in 2020 in Uruguay?

In 2020, Samsung’s phones were once again the most used in Uruguay, according to the ranking of Statcounter, an independent consultancy that collects user data from more than 2 million websites in the world and knows the brands of devices they use.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Device Vendor Market Share

According to the data collected by the company based on the web browsing of its users, although the South Korean company decreased its market share (at the beginning of 2020 it had 44.53% and ended it at 41.28%) in Uruguay, it remains as leading by several lengths of advantage.

Both the official Samsung store in the country and other official ones show that the Galaxy A51 was the most marketed smartphone in the country (and one of the most marketed on the planet).

Galaxy A51.

It exceeds by more than 20 percentage points, according to Statcounter data, its most immediate competitor: Xiaomi. This Chinese manufacturer has been the one that grew the most in Uruguay in the year. It ended 2019 with 14.7% of the market and grew slowly and gradually to consolidate in second place with 19.73% of the market.

This came about due to the success of products like the Redmi 9A and Redmi 9C. These inexpensive products, which range between US $ 140 and US $ 180, have large capacities at affordable prices.

Apple, meanwhile, did not exceed 14% throughout the year and was surpassed by Xiaomi, despite the fact that its sales had a boost in October, when it reached 17%. That growth came about due to the success of the iPhone SE (second generation). It is a powerful smartphone (with a processor and features similar to the iPhone 11), but smaller. The specialized media in the world have cataloged it as the company’s “cheap” smartphone.

Almost on par with Apple was Huawei, which had the Y series as one of the best-selling products. As reported by the company, the Y9 Prime was one of those that had “the best reception among Uruguayans.” However, the Asian manufacturer has powerful phones with very powerful cameras that are sold in Uruguay and seek to fight hand-to-hand with the giants of the sector such as Samsung and Apple.

With less than 3% of the market were cell phones whose brands were LG, Motorola, Alcatel and Sony.

How do they arrive at these results?

Statcounter uses a tracking code on more than 2 million websites around the world. “Every month, we record billions of page views on these sites. For each page view, we analyze the browser / operating system / screen resolution used and establish if the page view is from a mobile device, “it says on its website.


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