Whirlpool has made an urgent appeal to the owners of fire-prone clothes dryers that have not yet been replaced or modified.

The company finally launched a full recall with 500,000 dryers in July, and said 65,000 owners had responded since then.

It is crucial that owners make "urgent" contact so that their units can be exchanged or changed.

The recall refers to certain models of Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline dryers built between 2004 and 2015 which could potentially pose a fire hazard.

Around 800,000 clothes dryers could be defective, Whirlpool's managers say

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Whirlpool admitted earlier this year that the number of faulty clothes dryers in private households across the country could be much higher than previously thought.

Company executives said the true figure could be 800,000 and hard work has been done to modify those affected.

Whirlpool also announced that 54 fires have been recorded in tumble driers in recent years, and admitted that three of them were already updated models.

MEPs took evidence of the scandal in which 1.7 million products were changed during a security campaign that preceded the recall.

Whirlpool's Vice President Jeff Noel said: "We are grateful to anyone who has contacted you so far, but if there are still people with affected dryers, please contact us immediately.

"Nothing is more important to us than people's safety, so it's imperative that we identify the affected dryers and fix the problem.

"We can assure consumers that we do everything we can and that we can remedy them quickly as soon as they get in touch."

Under the recall, all consumers with a machine on the list that has not yet been changed or replaced are entitled to a free replacement dryer.

This includes picking up and disposing of old equipment, a free change at home, a discounted upgrade – £ 59 for a ventilated model or £ 99 for a condensation dryer – or a refund of up to £ 150 depending on the age of the original.

Whirlpool also encourages those who have registered for the campaign but have not yet chosen their remedies to contact them so that the company can complete the recall process.

Anyone with an affected dryer must immediately unplug the power cord and stop operation.

Consumers should call 0800 151 0905 or visit www.whirlpool.co.uk/*** to check if their dryer is affected.