White handkerchief for Kurdish women | Television II

Thousands of kilometers geographically separate Argentina from Turkey but, despite the distance, the recent past of both countries brings them closer together immediately. That closeness leads Nora Cortiñas, a member of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Fundadora Line, to undertake a trip to the Kurdish region of Turkey. There he meets with the Mothers of Peace, who have lost their children due to violence and state terrorism exercised by the Turkish government, and who, to undertake their struggle, took the Argentine Mothers as a model.

In the documentary Handkerchiefs for history, co-directed by Alejandro Haddad and Nicolás Valentini, Nora delves into the bowels of the Kurdish people, in the stories of these women traversed by violence and horror in a place where the existence of missing persons is not recognized. Their accompaniment is, for these Mothers, a north in their claim, a necessary support to make their pain visible to the world, to make their cry for justice heard.

The camera follows her all the way, realizing that the white scarf not only represents the fight for memory, truth and justice of the Argentine disappeared, but also of other disappeared in the world.

Today at 11:45 p.m. on the Encuentro Channel


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