White Xbox One X-Standalone version leaked

White Xbox One X-Standalone version leaked

(Photo: Microsoft)

Previously, the white Xbox One X was only available through a special, time-limited bundle that contained one of the two packages Forza Horizon 4 or Fallout 76but it looks like Microsoft will eventually release the console as a stand-alone purchase.

According to Console Deals, a website that deals with groundbreaking and expiring hardware news, a new white Xbox One X package has been leaked through numerous Internet addresses and, as it points out, could hit the Microsoft XO18 event in Mexico tomorrow be announced city.

The initial leak was Amazon's way of going online with a listing of an "Xbox One X 1TB White Game Pass & Live Bundle," which is due to be released next Thursday, November 15. This is above all a day after Fallout 76 Microsoft may be waiting to release the game so it will not tiptoe into the special package mentioned above.

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