“Who?”: Alex Caniggia is still in the eye of the storm after his fight with Oscar Mediavilla

Alex Caniggia is undoubtedly one of the contestants of the Singing 2020 that has caused more controversy since his arrival. His very particular personality creates havoc many times since more than one considers him disrespectful for his way of addressing others. Among the celebrities who comment on his way of being and do not agree with him, we can name Lourdes Sanchez, Lizardo ponce Y Oscar Mediavilla.

With the latter, he lived a tense moment last night during his last performance, where together with Melina de Piano they paid homage to Rodrigo on the track. To the jury and music producer, it seemed that Alex’s way of speaking is very controversial and he made it known, since in the program schedule, there are still many boys watching. This fight led to thousands of comments on social networks, where Internet users did not save anything.

Who can bank the useless Alex? The only merit he has is to be the son of the Caniggia bird »,« Daring, son of someone with a known surname »,« Alex Caniggia is very denigrating and arrogant. Mediavilla was soft for me. If I were a jury, I would give it 0 from now on », commented some of the users of the networks, while another part considers that it makes them laugh and that it is just a character.

«I wanted to say something short to you. It is not for being pacato, dear friend, because I think I have a bit of a route to comment on this subject. We are in prime time of a very important program and it seems to me that it is not necessary to be as savvy as you usually are, nor as cool. Everything you say is to fart because it does not make you more alive, it makes you more stupid to say stupid things. Try to respect that there are people and boys who watch the channel, “Mediavilla had said before beginning his return.

“You know what? Do you want me to tell you the truth? You are a marmot. I have more history than you and you do not exist because you are a salami, “he declared, saying after Charlotte Caniggia’s brother did not give the slightest importance to his comment. Even during the cut of the program the spirits did not calm down at all and once the show was over, Mariana Nannis’s son used his Twitter account to throw some sticks at the specialist. Above all, ignoring his career and saying that he is only Patricia Sosa’s husband.

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