Who are Princess Eugenie’s gang of mothers?

Confinement has turned out to be the perfect time to get pregnant – as the dancers of the Royal Opera House, singers and performers, models and many other women from the social elites who have announced their pregnancies in recent months. With nothing to do physically – and no risk of missing something, since all encounters take place by Zoom – the ‘baby boom’ of confinement (as the country’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, had already predicted has become a reality. And, in a very particular way, among the closest circles of Princess Eugenia’s group of friends.

Princess Eugenie has been a new mother since February, when she gave birth to August Philip Hawke Brooksbank, who is 11th in the line of succession to the British throne (behind Eugenie herself). But, who else has given birth – or is about to do so – in the circle closest to Princess Eugenia, and is therefore part of her ‘new tribe of mothers’ (thus they have been nicknamed)?

First of all, pop star Ellie Goulding – whose 2019 wedding was ‘the wedding of the year’ to Caspar Jopling at the spectacular castle of Howard situated in North Yorkshire. At first, she kept her pregnancy a secret, but announced the news in February, posing for Vouge UK in a white Alberta Ferretti dress sitting on the edge of her bathtub at home. In an interview with The Telegraph, published in March, Goulding said: “I only have a few weeks left to become a mother. It’s still weird for me to say it out loud. ” Princess Eugenie was reportedly the one who introduced Jopling and Goulding, so they have a lot to thank her for; Goulding has also been singled out as a possible godmother for August.

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