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David Sullivan (51.1%) and David Gold (35.1%), with their respective percentages, are the main shareholders of the Hammers. To tell you a little about the history of these two shareholders, we have to start at the beginning.

David Gold and David Sullivan were together on the Birmingham board, running the club, until, in autumn 2009, a Hong Kong magnate decided to make a formal offer for 57 million pounds, which is 67 million euros, and the Welsh decided to sell their shares, as they were majority in the brummie club.

David Gold at the presentation as Birmingham’s new manager

After the sale, they decided to go for the West Ham shares, as they have always said that their dream was to go one step further while in Birmingham.

But, you will wonder where they could get 105 million pounds, 115 million euros. David Sullivan and David Gold made their fortune in the world of pornography and sex shops, this raised the ridicule of several colleagues in the sports world and even got the nickname of “Dildo brothers” by the president from Sporting de Portugal.

David Sullivan, after taking over 51.1% of the shares of the Hammer club, made a change within the board, not popular with the other members, Sullivan’s sentimental partner works in the world of pornography and Welsh He decided that he would enroll his partner in the board of the Hammers so that they could attend the games for free and in the midst of a global pandemic.

David Sullivan with his romantic partner

In contrast we have David Gold, who decided to create the most surreal and unexpected moment in the club’s history, after taking control of 35.1% of West Ham’s shares, he decided that his life was going to change to being a public figure , so he began broadcasting the worst moment of his professional and personal career on his Twitter account.

David Gold tweets about the facts

Gold, reviewing the accounts of his companies, realized that there was a mismatch between profits and losses and, after reviewing it exhaustively, he concluded that his father was stealing money from his companies, after that hard setback of the life that made him immediately distance himself from his father, he came home to be with his sentimental partner and found her maintaining intimate relations with his best friend, and as we mentioned before, all this was made public from his official profile of Twitter

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This is a brief summary of the directive that the hammer club is currently taking forward and that they do not have any plan, as of today, to sell their shares in the club.

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