Who is Cagri Citanak, the Turkish actor who plays Ferit Simsek in the series ‘Love is in the air’

Turkish fiction series have managed to gain a foothold on the television grid worldwide and in the case of Spain some are reaping great success. What Love is in the air, the Turkish drama based on the love story between Eda and Serkan which can be seen on Telecinco and Divinity, both Mediaset channels.

One of the secondary characters in television fiction is Ferit Simsek, the future husband of Selin Atakan, the best person who knows Serkan but who, tired of waiting, decides to get engaged to the young billionaire heir Ferit.

Who is he in real life?

Ferit is played by the actor Cagri Citanak, a young man of Turkish origin born in Antakya (Turkey) in 1990. He began in the world of acting from an early age, since at the age of 10 he was already studying basic theater studies.

Later, as explained on the Turkish television network FOX, moved to live in Istanbul to pursue higher studies at the university and that was where his professional acting career began.

One of his first roles was in the series My Father Remained In The Class, although he has participated in more projects until landing in Love is in the air such as Sweet Revenge, Urgent Love Wanted, Honor Issue, Don’t Worry For Me, The Lost City or Silent.


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