BBC star Steph McGovern challenged Boris Johnson to make sexist remarks in one of his keynote speeches.

The presenter is currently on maternity leave, but ranted with the Prime Minister for labeling David Cameron with a "swarm of girls" following a poll at an event in Rotherham.

Steph did not represent the BBC at the event and said shortly after Mr. Johnson left the stage, "I just want to point out that I'm a swarm of girls and I'm proud of it!"

The pregnant Steph shows her bump

The expectant mother lights up

She was criticized for not representing the company, but who is she?

Who is Steph McGovern?

37-year-old Steph Rose McGovern is a British financial journalist and television presenter from Middlesbrough in northeastern England.

Steph is also a retired Irish dancer and former engineer.

Steph McGovern about rough pregnancy

Where does she work?

The pregnant Steph is best known for her work at the BBC Breakfast, where she presents the morning show every day from 6am.

She also hosts the BBC show "Shop Well For Less" starring Alex Jones, which aims to help families change their lifestyle while shopping.

Alex Jones and Steph

Her first glimpse of working at the BBC came when she was only 19 years old when she attended a program on women in science.

Subsequently, Steph started working on Tomorrow's World and eventually became a part-time researcher during her studies.

She has also participated in the CBBC show Pocket Money Pitch, Can Britain Have a Payrise. and BBC watchdog.

Steph looks glamorous in a red jumpsuit

However, the star started his maternity leave on September 4 and for a while stepped down from her role to become a mother.

Who is Steph McGovern's girlfriend?

Not much is known about the star's girlfriend – one source told The Sun that Steph "valued her privacy too much."

The source also said we should not hold our breath for "any magazine shots coming soon".

Steph has worked at the BBC for 19 years

Does Steph McGovern have children?

Currently, Steph is expecting a baby with her friend and telling her family and friends that the baby is expected in November.

The star said she was about 18 months pregnant after she was forced to deny pregnancy rumors.

However, she has no other spouse.

The presenter tends to keep her private life in the public eye, so her friend's name has not yet been announced, but it is known that she works as a TV manager.