Who turned the light off? Blackout in full game Mets vs Cardinals (VIDEO)

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New York / 04.05.2021 00:58:03

Now they see us, now they don’t see us. Among the many reasons why a game can be stopped is rain (the most common), electrical storm, the presence of an animal –dog, cat, squirrel or snake– in the countryside, the invasion of a drone or the power goes out.

Even in the best major league stadiums there are also failures, and that was what happened on Monday night, when in the middle of the game there was a blackout at Busch Stadium that momentarily suspended the meeting between the New York Mets and the St Louis Cardinals.

The game was in the ninth inning, the Mets fell 6-5 and with two outs and a runner at first, fate wanted to put extra emotion at the end and with Pete Alonso at bat, the peculiar incident occurred.

After that blackout, Alonso negotiated a passport, to put the tie race in second place, but Dominic Smith was struck out to end the game. Seventh Inning


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