Who wants to buy Donald Trump’s Ferrari F430?

Lately, Donald Trump has been on everyone’s lips because of some of his followers, who did not hesitate to storm the Capitol a few days ago. We, who are dedicated to the motor world, also have a news related to the outgoing president of the United States.

This is the auction of a supercar that he enjoyed a few years ago. Specifically, we are talking about a Ferrari F430 coupé that he acquired new in 2007.

As you well know, Trump loves cars and, in fact, vehicles as brand-new as a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, a Lamborghini Diablo or a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud have passed through his hands.

Ferrari F430 (ex-Trump)

Returning to the Ferrari, the Mecum house has it available. In the description of the car, we can read that the current owner has preserved the original title, which includes the name of Donald Trump, his signature and the address of the Trump Tower, located in New York.

The Italian sports car has only covered 6,910 miles, the equivalent of 11,120 kilometers, and its general condition is fantastic. Apparently Trump used it for four years, until 2011, and he didn’t use it much.


Interestingly, the person who bought it that year paid out $ 270,000, that is, 100,000 more than the price of a new one. But he still did a good deal, as the car has grown in value over time.

Bidders who wish to acquire this Ferrari F430 must submit their offers until January 16, within the framework of the ‘KISSIMMEE 2021’ event, organized by Mecum Auctions. It is estimated that the Italian supercar will sell for a high price, between $ 400,000 and $ 500,000. Without a doubt, this is a good investment example.

The Italian model mounts a 4.3 V8 engine with 490 hp and a maximum torque of 465 Nm. In its data sheet, there is a maximum speed of 315 km / h, an acceleration from 0 to 100 in 4.0 seconds and an average consumption of 18.3 liters per 100 km.

By the way, Mecum sells another car that belonged to Trump. This time it is not a Ferrari, but a Rolls-Royce Phantom, which is also for sale above its original price.

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