IIn Denmark, couples exchange pressed white flowers called "snowdrops", while in the Philippines, weddings and vow renewal ceremonies greatly increase the romantic day, as couples gather at shopping malls and d & rsquo; Other public places to build links.

In South Africa, on Valentine's Day, women have their hearts on their sleeves by pinning the names of their love interests to their shirts.

China celebrates its own version of Valentine's Day called Qiki, during which young women prepare fruit offerings to Zhinu, daughter of the King of Heaven, in the hope of finding the perfect wedding.

In Brazil, they celebrate Dia dos Namorados, translating the "Lovers' Day", on June 12, with music festivals and shows, while in Argentina, they celebrate love for a whole week in July, as part of the "Week of Gentleness".

Single on Valentine's Day and looking for love?

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