Why are Barcelona fans and players called culés?

The reason lies in the first two decades of the 20th century, when the Catalan team played on Industria Street.

“The culé team”, “the culé squad”, “the culé player”, “the culé fan”… And the examples continue. The term “culé” is synonymous with Barcelona Football Club. It is part of the identity of the institution, such as the shirt or the Camp Nou. But what does it really mean? Since when is that word associated with the Barça team? What is the story behind this expression?

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You must travel through time to find the answers. You have to go, precisely, until the first two decades of the 20th century. Between 1909 and 1922, the Catalan team played their matches in a stadium located on Industria Street, in the city of Barcelona. This stage had capacity for only six thousand people, approximately. Of course, in a few years, those stands began to look small. Demand grew rapidly …

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Those stands were often packed. There was no free space in important matches, which is why part of the public sat on top of the wall that surrounded the stadium. The fans were accommodated in such a way that the ass protruded from a part of said wall that overlooked the aforementioned Calle Industria. The people who passed by, laughing, looked in amazement, from below, that curious part of the body that protruded from the spectators.

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The anecdote that ended in definition

In Catalan, “ass” is said “cul”. And “culones” is said “culers”. The “r” was lost and only “culé” or “culés” remained. A term that became immortal.


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