Why Blacklisted Katarina will be “critical” to Liz’s season 8 trip.

When Katarina exploded into the blacklisted image, she turned it upside down. There’s no going back for her, Liz, or Red. All that’s left is a family feud against the backdrop of Red’s declining health and Liz’s new mission to bring down her mentor. As you can imagine, Katarina will be vital to Liz’s journey in Season 8.

Liz apparently learned nothing when she nearly executed Red for her insolence by teaming up with her mother Katarina. The shocking decision will lead to even more drama and Katarina will be at the center of Liz’s saga. How will it come into play? On the upcoming fireworks display, blacklist creator Jon Bokenkamp told EW:

[Katarina] is a linchpin for Liz. The decisions for Liz will get even more binary this season based on information revealed by Katarina. Both Katarina and Liz share a deep, sometimes frustration, sometimes anger, sometimes hatred towards Reddington for the way he entered their life and uprooted it. For Liz it is crucial to finally have someone who understands what it is like. Her mother and the story we tell with her mother will determine who Liz becomes as we move forward.

Well, that doesn’t comfort those of us who want to leave Liz behind on this ridiculous vengeance she has on Red. I’ve certainly been one of those fans since the plot broke up at the end of the shortened seventh season of The Blacklist. While there is a lot of juicy content in this quote, there is one particularly interesting inducement to the conclusion.

The blacklist had heavily hinted that Liz’s ultimate path would be a dark one, and although I was reluctant to accept that thought at the time, the show seems to double up on the claim. Since Katarina is part of the definition of who Liz is going to become, it makes me nervous. Given the facts so far, I believe Katarina is the real blacklisted villain and not the red one. Making Katarina the focal point of Liz is problematic to say the least.

Red doesn’t share who he really is. Liz knows the essence of the person and I think she should trust that. Her obsession with unraveling red will only lead her down a darker path that resembles Anakin Skywalker’s journey in Star Wars. While the blacklist isn’t Star Wars, Liz’s journey could take her on a vader-like path!

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It’s amazing that Liz is above all on such a great warpath. Do you agree? Are you Team “Lizarina” (Liz and Katarina) or Team Red? Vote in the blacklist poll below and tune in for the season eight premiere tonight. It will air this evening, November 13th, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. For more information, check out the Winter / Spring 2021 schedule and relive the happier times of Liz and Red in previous seasons on Netflix.

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