Why did only few Jedi have dual Lightsabers?

Lightsabers are one of the most attractive and iconic items in the entire Star Wars universe, as well as looking great are the powerful weapons used by the Jedi and Sith.

In the original trilogy there were lightsabers that stayed in the memory of fans, but there was a moment that surprised everyone that happened in Episode I when Darth Maul activated his spectacular double lightsaber.

So since these dual weapons are so dangerous and unique looking, why is it that they are so little used by Jedi?

When we have seen double lightsabers in the saga they are usually in the hands of individuals from the Dark Side, and although some Jedi such as Cal Kestis, Pong Krell, Jaro Tapal or Satele Shan have used them, they do not seem to be as popular among the members of the Side. Bright.

According to Star Wars Legends, double-bladed lightsabers were created in the Old Sith Empire more than 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, featuring a single dual-emitter lightsaber mechanism. In fact, it is indicated that it was Exar Kun, the Jedi who ascended to Sith Lord, who transformed his regular lightsaber into a double sword based on the plans of an ancient Sith holocron. Although there were some sophisticated designs, there were also simpler ones such as two sabers connected by the handle.

Dual lightsabers allow the user to be faster, but also work well for defensive movements, especially when there is a confrontation against multiple enemies. But even so, the Old Jedi Council did not very much agree with the use of these double weapons, and although there was no rule to prohibit them, the Jedi Masters advised their apprentices not to use them as they considered it to be a very aggressive weapon. This should be an important point as perhaps that idea contributes to fewer Jedi using them.

But what best explains this is a Sith, specifically Kas’im who trained Darth Bane. Kas’im was an expert in the use of double lightsabers, and he commented to a young Bane that double sabers were more difficult to master since when used in combat it is more limited and less precise, requiring longer movements, but that those who manage to understand it in a good way gain an advantage over most of their opponents.

So because the Jedi combat style leans towards precise strikes, they preferred to specialize in a single blade, so very few decided to use double. And in this way, as knowledge was less used, over time it was lost.

And well, having said all this, it should be remembered that in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the video game released last year, the protagonist Cal Kestis eventually has the option of using one of these weapons that seem to be in extinction.

Would you have liked to see more double bladed sabers in the Star Wars saga?

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