Why don’t you give a study sofa as a gift for Father’s Day that you can use for a long time? British antique Chesterfield sofa style wingback chair with 3 new colors[Classic Demodern]

Classic Demodern (Location: 1181 Shigarakicho, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture), which develops antique furniture and antique furniture, has announced a new work on the British antique sofa style Chesterfield wingback sofa.

List of sofas to introduce this time (https://www.classicdemodern.com/fs/classic/c/0000000139/)


■ What is the Chesterfield Sofa Wingback Chair?

British traditional sofa Among the Chesterfield sofas
A model that has long been loved as a high-back sofa with a strong presence
Wingback chair.

Also called a wing chair, many are composed of beautiful curves and claw legs.
Originally, in order to avoid the hot air from the fireplace, there are wings on the left and right.

The classic demolished wingback chair
A model that faithfully reproduces genuine antique furniture.

Just by changing the fabric, synthetic leather, genuine leather and seat material,
It is an impressive item that changes its personality.

■ Newly added this time

  • Chesterfield sofa wing chair sa925b1-p63k

A model that uses bright red faux leather.
The vivid colors create an atmosphere that makes it easy to attract eyes.

  • Chesterfield sofa wingback chair sa925b1-p73k

Off-white faux leather model with a gentle color.
The matte luster creates a calm and mature atmosphere.

  • Chesterfield sofa wing chair sa925b1-p47k

Limited quantity production model Gray faux leather.
It makes you feel a shabby atmosphere.Colors that blend in with the interior

List of sofas to introduce this time (https://www.classicdemodern.com/fs/classic/c/0000000139/)


[About Classic Demodern]

Make your shop or life a special space. Antique buyers with over 30 years of experience
Western antique furniture and antique style interior furniture specialty store “Classic Demodern”

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With the theme of[loved furniture that tickles the heart]
We introduce antique furniture and antique furniture at commercial prices.

Including Chesterfield sofas and elegant cat leg rococo items popular with women
Easy to match with modern space in Italian style that you can become a princess with gorgeous clothes
We handle a wide range of shabby chic items.

We would appreciate it if you could take a leisurely look inside the store.

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TEL. 0748-64-9027
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