Why has Meghan Markle been so many years without talking to her fellow “Suits”?

Since Meghan Markle married the prince Harry and became part of the British royalty, the actress was far removed from her companions of the remembered series “Suits”, to the point of almost not communicating with them. And although it has been several months since the couple has renounced the crown and moved to the United States, the truth is that Meghan he has not been able to return to old friendships. This was recently stated by his partner in the series: Patrick J. Adams.

SUITS — Season:5 — Pictured: (l-r) Patrick J. Adams as Michael Ross, Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane — (Photo by: Nigel Parry/USA Network)

During an interview with the magazine Radio Times, the actor shared some comments about his relationship with Meghan Markle. “Frankly, I feel intimidated by her. I have no doubt that right now I could pick up the phone and call her at any time. But I don’t know what I would say to him ”, confessed the actor.

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He also stated that the last conversation he had with her was in 2019, when he congratulated her on the arrival of her little son Archie. “After our children were born, we sent each other some text messages and also gifts. But I do not know; It scares me to call her now. The idea of ​​having to break any wall that now exists between us to have a conversation scares me ”, revealed the actor.

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Meghan Markle has not spoken after the statements of Patrick. However, it is known that, in 2018, during her trip to Ireland, a woman approached the then Duchess to confess: “I am a huge fan of ‘Suits’ and I miss you.” Given this statement, Meghan She replied that she also missed her old life. And it is thanks to his character Rachel The actress managed to position herself as a star on the small screen and get to know the world of Hollywood.

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