Why is Apple not exhibiting its products at the fair? Peru News

Apple is undoubtedly one of the most particular tech giants on the market and, like their products, they have a different way of driving their way, at least when it comes to what they make. His absence as exhibitors CES 2021 is just one more episode in a long absence dating back to 1992. Why is that?

The company of Steve Jobs It has not presented its own booth at the tech fair for almost 30 years. At that CES in 1992, the apple featured the first prototypes of Newton, the stylus-powered personal assistant powered by John Sculley (and his latest product before he was fired).

Much has changed since then, but not even the return of Steve Jobs In 1997 it was a new opportunity for Apple to return to the stage of such a celebration. For what is this?

According to consumer technology experts like Robert Heiblim, Apple has had a somewhat touchy relationship with CTA (Consumer Technology Association). The absence can be explained directly by the fact that Steve Jobs felt no need to compare his proposals on the show.

Even so, Apple has always sent observers to the THESE to see your competitors and learn about the market, they just don’t exhibit. They are members of the CTA and cooperate with many things like standards. For the company, it is much better to organize its own events, such as MacWorld, where the focus is only on them and their ecosystem.

Still, last year marked the first time in 28 years that Apple participated in CES, albeit in a fairly modest way. The company participated in some conferences to talk about privacy.

Those from Cupertino arrived as ambassadors of a trend that continues to prevail today, in which companies seek solutions to the risks of Privacy on a large scale. Now, at CES 2021, and under a strictly digital format, Apple returns to repeat last year’s dish with three new announcements of security on their devices, one of them on the environmental care:

Face ID: data stays on your phone

Apple Pay: does not target ads based on your purchases

Apple Watch: uses recycled aluminum

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Perhaps this will become Apple’s new custom for the future, but with recent controversies such as those of Facebook and WhatsApp regarding Privacy We can only hope that many more companies follow the example of the apple to protect user data, or at least try.

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