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Why it is important to learn to lose

Have you already learned to lose? Do you know how important this learning is for your life?

Surely you have seen that every time a child loses when playing a game, or doesn’t win candy, they start to cry. You feel sad for them but the truth is that they cry because they don’t know how to lose.

This does not only happen to children. It happens to adults too, even if we don’t cry or express our frustration publicly. Many of us have not learned to overcome failure. It is a learning process that we are not taught in school.

Learning to lose as a child

As I wrote before, children are usually the ones who react the worst to losing. Most children have a very low tolerance to frustration, they can’t stand to be defeated. It may be because they want their parents to feel proud or because they consider failure as something intolerable, unacceptable.

It is important to make our children understand that they are not always going to come first, that they are not always going to win or be the first to reach the finish line. They must learn that life is also about losing. They must be taught that losing is not always necessarily a bad thing.

They are small, yes, but they can understand that it is not only in games that you lose. Adults lose too. We lose all the time: when something goes wrong at work, when we don’t get attention, when our couple abandons us… There are many ways to lose and no one is free from suffering those moments.

The myths of failure

“Don’t be a loser.” This phrase defines many people, somehow condemns them. 

It is, of course, a wrong phrase since mistakes do not define us as people. They might define us in our attitudes towards failure. They say that we show what we really are and what we are worth in the hardest and most difficult moments.

“If you fail you can no longer achieve success.” It is also an erroneous and oft-repeated phrase. How many times have we heard something like that? Learning to lose allows you to understand that in order to succeed you have to fail repeatedly.

“Losing is humiliating.” No, it isn’t. Giving up is what’s really humiliating. Getting up and overcoming obstacles again and again, learning from your mistakes is valuable learning and it is also a very worthy thing to do.

It is not bad to sometimes have a dose of humility and good heart. Sometimes we lose simply because someone else deserved to win, because we didn’t try hard enough. Why not recognize that when it happens? Losing is not really losing when we actually become more empathetic, tolerant and caring human beings.

Remember that if you play a new game it will be difficult to win at the beginning. The strategy you take will move you forward. Maybe not at the speed you expect, however, the more you try, the less difficult it will be and the easier it will become.

In casinos

The lessons of learning to lose are very relevant for casino and gambling players. Being a good loser is key to avoid addictions as harmful as compulsive gambling.

Nobody goes to a casino with the idea of losing money. On the contrary, whenever we play a game of chance, we are always assaulted by the desire to obtain rewards. But this doesn’t always happen, does it?

How many times have we seen a gambler who thinks that this will be his night because he is on a lucky streak? It’s good to control our impulses and not get carried away by euphoria after a consecutive streak of success at the Irish slot sites.

Believe it or not, in casinos you should also think about when to quit or continue. Timing is critical and knowing when to do so differentiates expert players from novices.

Remember a very important principle: even if luck occasionally smiles on you, you must not forget that the house always plays with an advantage. Casinos are fun but they are not made for you to win money, quite the contrary.

The oft-repeated stories of casino players who have made overnight fortunes are not unrealistic, but they are infrequent.

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