Sam Jaeger was part of the NBC family for six years parenthood, Since parenthood 2015, it was more difficult to see Sam Jaeger, although he was in four episodes of The story of the maid, the first season of Tell me a story and the mini series Law & Order: True Crime – The Menendez Murders, You can see Sam Jaeger again on CBS All Access Why kill women this week.

Sam Jaeger in Why Women Kill
Sam Jaeger as Rob of the CBS All Access Series WHY KILL WOMEN | Ali Goldstein / CBS

Jaeger tells Showbiz Cheat Sheet that he worked hard to get the role Why kill women. Jaeger plays Robert Stanton, husband of Beth Ann (Ginnifer Goodwin) in the 1960s. As the title implies, she may have a reason to kill him, just as Lucy Liu and Kirby Howell-Baptiste play women who find reasons to kill their husbands. Why kill women Premiere Thursday, August 15 on CBS All Access.

Sam Jaeger liked having time to audition for Why Women Kill.

Many actors may be afraid of the audition and once you've been on a hit show, you may hope to get a concrete quote. Sam Jaeger wanted to work Why kill women,

Sam Jaeger and Ginnifer Goodwin
Sam Jaeger as Rob; Ginnifer Goodwin as Beth-Ann from the CBS All Access series WHY KILL WOMEN | Ali Goldstein / CBS

"I have to earn every job I get, man," Jaeger said. "I am grateful to say that I had to work for this role and I'm glad I did that because I know I deserve it."

Now Sam Jaeger knows he was the only choice for "Why Women Kill".

It turns out that an actor becomes less secure through a bid.

"Every time you get a role, think about the set," Am I really the person you wanted? "Jaeger said," When you go to a show that you know you have the choice, everything changes. I auditioned for it and beat other actors. "

Ginnifer Goodwin and Sam Jaeger
Ginnifer Goodwin, Sam Jaeger during the WHY WOMEN KILL panel for the TCA Summer Press Tour | Francis Specker / CBS

Marc Cherry created Why women kill. Just when he discovered Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria and reinvented Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman Desperate HousewivesCherry had a keen eye for the lead roles in Why kill women,

"When I was on set, I knew exactly what Marc wanted and what I contributed," Jaeger said. "It just made it easier for me, and it was so much more fun to enjoy it, instead of constantly thinking, 'Would you rather have actor A for it? "I'm just grateful to work every day."

Marc Cherry had to talk to Sam Jaeger about "Why Women Kill"

Desperate Housewives was the first of its kind, a soap-crime comedy. Why kill women has some of these sounds as well as three different periods – the 60s, 80s and the modern. At an audition is much to absorb.

"I met Marc and at the time I'll say I did not quite understand the sound of the show," Jaeger said. "Especially the history of the 1960s is so specific that I do not quite believe I understood it, we just went beat by beat, what you have to do in a Marc Cherry show, or you do not do a Marc Cherry show "

This person gave Sam Jaeger a second chance on "Why Women Kill"

After his first audition, Sam Jaeger might have thought he was not right Why kill women, He is grateful that the show has taken the time to speak to him through the nuances of the show and its character.

"It's a tribute to Scott Genkinger, the casting director, that I was brought back," Jaeger said. "He called my agents and said," I think Sam is really right for that. I want to have him with me and we can talk about the tone of the show. "