Why Star is the great asset of Disney + to compete against Netflix (Clear the X # 128)

Disney + has been the big surprise of the year in terms of streaming. They themselves have far exceeded their expectations: the subscriber figures that were raised in four years have reached it in one, and they have been forced to raise the stakes to much more ambitious amounts. The next step, now, is to significantly increase the amount of material available.

Disney + has so far pulled from its catalog of infallibles: Disney, Marvel, Pixar, animation itself and Disney and National Geografic classics. But You need material to compete face to face with the suffocating avalanche of news that platforms such as Netflix pose. The solution is to pull the archive and open the potential audience to more ages, and they will do so with the arrival of Star on February 23.

From the landing of this new content trunk on Disney + We talked in the last episode of Clear the X, in which we participated César Muela (@cesarmuela) and John Tones (@johntones), editors of Engadget. The production runs as always by Santi Araújo (@santiaraujo).

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The future of Disney +

The core of the Disney + catalog is made up of films and series from production companies and companies recently acquired by Disney or belonging to its conglomerate. This is the case of 20th Century Studios, formerly Fox, owner of such successful franchises as ‘Alien’ or ‘X-Men’, and that undoubtedly represent a prestigious cinema accolade to the Disney + offer.

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Added to all this are a good number of series, especially from Hulu and Fox, and that they go from ‘Lost’ to ‘X Files’ or ‘Family Guy’. And, of course, the promise of a large number of new features that add to the recent announcement of a veritable avalanche of series and movies based on Marvel, Star Wars and company, and that will round out the platform’s catalog. We talk about all these news and their possible impact on your competition in the podcast.

And to all this is added that Disney does not want to stop being Disney, and that although Star’s content is far from being problematic, with its arrival the Disney + age restriction systems are especially accentuated, making it easier for each member of the family to only view appropriate content. That is to say, Disney + grows, increases its potential audience and its catalog, but it is still Disney. Is this a guaranteed successful business path?

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