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Tastes, tastes and tastes. It all comes down to personal taste. But there are also factual facts and reasons for subscribe to Disney Plus over other platforms, or, combine it with one in which one is subscribed.

Which streaming service is better? It is also subjective. Some stand out for their huge catalog, like Netflix. Disney Plus stands out for having a very competitive price, the entire Star Wars franchise, Disney films, Pixar and Marvel films, the attractive National Geographic and Fox productions.

Apple TV + has a more limited library, but with an advantage. All its contents are one hundred percent original and you will not be able to find them anywhere else, nor will you have ever seen them. In addition, each production bears the seal or participation of great names in entertainment: from Steven Spielberg, to JJ Abrams or Oprah or Chris Evans.

Prime Video is also another great bet. It has many original proposals (not at the level of Apple TV +), but it managed to arm itself with an attractive catalog, although it is limited to rights, so that, at some point we can see a complete series (such as “24” or “Will & Grace “) And sometimes only a few seasons (like” The Good Wife “). And this can change from one month to the next.

HBO Max will debut in Latin America in 2021. An analysis will have to be made of the content that Warner Bros. will end up offering and if it improved its streaming platform. The HBO GO is by far the worst, with an outdated interface and a load of series and movies out of this time.

Disney Plus has several advantages: it offers a single plan with Full HD or 4K definition, the possibility of viewing content on up to four devices at the same time, unlimited downloads of the entire library on up to ten devices and the option to create up to 7 profiles, with a super convenient price (see the different options for each country here).

Why subscribe to Disney Plus? There are all the classics of always and new productions that will be arriving week by week. And for those who believe that it is only family content, just enough sign up for the seven-day free trial and see that there is much to enjoy.



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