Will Biden turn the US into a Venezuela as Trump claims?

Michael Shifter and Pedro Vargas Núñez
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Michael Shifter participated in a conversation with Pedro Vargas Núñez, editor of Briefcase. Among the central themes were the analysis of the first presidential debate and the effects of the crisis on the results of recent electoral polls. There was also discussion about how the Trump campaign tries to establish Biden’s image as a socialist and about the actions that each candidate could take in the last leg of the election to win the most undecided voters.

Comments from Michael Shifter:

“The economic results caused by poor handling of the coronavirus are a great weakness for Trump. All the polls indicate that he continues to downplay the seriousness of the situation. “

“[Trump] He could have taken the fact of having been sick with the coronavirus as an opportunity to recognize that it is a much more serious issue than he had thought. But he did not, he is not capable of doing it. “

“It cannot be called a debate, it was a show more than a serious debate. It was very embarrassing, that kind of show is not from a serious country given what is at stake. […] [Trump] He is the main responsible for not letting him speak to Biden, for interrupting him and I think he passed. I think even for people who were more inclined towards Trump, this is already too much to have that kind of childish and shameful behavior. “

“I believe that Trump needs [otro debate] because he is losing and there could be a pro-Biden and pro-Democrat tsunami, which could even take the Senate back. […] It surprises me that he is not doing everything possible so that there is another. “

“I think the Trump effect is real at the Senate and Congressional levels. There are certain electoral races that no one thought would be close and now any [candidato] could win. It has been surprising how many states with Republican conservatives seem to be in trouble and there is a lot of money being funneled to Democratic candidates. ”

“According to the calculations, I think it will be very difficult, almost impossible, for Trump to be elected without Florida. He needs Florida, which is why it is such an important state. “

“Biden has a very long career in the Senate, he is the definition of a centrist and a moderate. […] I am sure that Biden and the Democratic Party have no interest in following the failed path of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. There is no support for that, no one believes that those are successful experiences. […] During his career, [Biden] has fought for [defender] democratic systems. “

“Trump is trying to paint Biden as old, as disconnected. Then yes [Biden] says something or does something that reinforces that narrative, it can harm him. “

“What [Trump] he has not done and what Mike Pence did most effectively is to defend his own results. […] [Trump] he could make much stronger and more convincing arguments than he has done so far to try to raise this campaign as an option. Right now, it’s not like that, it’s a referendum on Trump. ”


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