Will Burning Crusade arrive like then? No, Blizzard is changing a lot

With Burning Crusade Classic, Blizzard wants the WoW community to be satisfied. But that also means there will be some changes.

For many WoW: Classic players, the biggest announcement at BlizzCon was probably “Burning Crusade Classic.” After all, many players have fond memories of this WoW era, while some weren’t even there back then and may dive into Outland as a relevant area for the first time.

However, there were also a number of changes that were discussed that differ from the original version of the game.

Riding from level 30

What sounds like a shock and a huge change to many players is actually not at all. Because in patch 2.4.3, that is, in the era of The Burning Crusade, Blizzard had already lowered the required level for the first mount to level 30.

Since this patch will form the basis of the entire “Burning Crusade Classic” experience, players can ride at launch from level 30.

This should be especially relevant for players who want to level up a second character or who want to dive into battle as draenei and blood elves. By the way, there is more good news for them …

Blood Elves and Draenei: The New Races of The Burning Crusade. You have a little time to level up.

Draenei and blood elves from the pre-patch

Starting with the previous “Burning Crusade Classic” patch, players will be able to create Blood Elves and Draenei. They then have a few weeks for their characters to reach level 60 before the Dark Portal opens and they all head to Outland together.

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Back then, when The Burning Crusade was first released, it was different. Only blood elves and draenei could be crafted there in conjunction with launch, which meant fans of the new races were left behind while their friends were already conquering difficult dungeons and collecting good gear.

The change is particularly useful so that Alliance players can be directly accompanied by shamans, while Horde players immediately go into battle with paladins.

Seal of Blood for all Paladins

Paladins can rejoice when one of Burning Crusade’s greatest injustices is eradicated. Not only blood elves have access to the blood seal, but paladins of the Alliance as well.

WoW Alterac Paladin Yes title 1140x445Alliance Paladins receive an equivalent Blood Seal.

Why is this changing? The reason is that Seal of Blood was simply much more powerful than Seal of Retribution. In order for blood elf paladins not to be much stronger than their alliance counterparts, and the community would switch to the Horde en masse, all paladins simply receive this seal.

In the course of maintaining faction balance, this is certainly a good decision.

Burning Crusade could get the LFG tool

For Classic players, this is no cause for panic. It is not a tool that automatically searches for players and then throws groups into the dungeon. Blizzard doesn’t even want to introduce that.

This is a way to better list your search players to make it easier to see who is searching for a group. In this way, potential candidates should be found more quickly.

Once again: there shouldn’t be an automated group assignment like in retail.

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By the way, this is not entirely new. The Burning Crusade already had a simple LFG tool on gathering stones. However, this was hardly used and its functions were also very limited.

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Other small adjustments planned

What else is changing? In addition to these pretty big changes, there are also a number of detail tweaks to come. There are no concrete plans for this yet, but issues are discussed and changes considered:

  • The war drums are so strong that they practically require raiders to choose leather processing as a profession. That is on the radar and should be adjusted.
  • Teams in the arena will probably be bigger. A team of 5 can have a maximum of 10 members. This allows teams to play even if one player doesn’t have time.
  • The PvP seasons could be adapted to the phases so that there is more or less season of PvP than in the original Burning Crusade.

What do you think of the planned changes to Burning Crusade Classic? Are these good and sensible settings? Or should the game have been left completely intact?

If you fancy the beta version of TBC Classic, you can sign up here.

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