Will cell phones be more expensive in the second half of 2021? It looks like it is

The shortage from semiconductors the price of various electronics has increased and it seems that the smartphones they will not be spared.

The phones to be launched in the second half of the year could have higher prices.

The panorama

Already at the end of March, executives of Xiaomi They said at a conference to elaborate on their 2020 financial report that they may have to increase prices in the face of rising costs.

“We may have to pass some of the cost increases onto our consumers in some cases. We will continue to track the increase in the cost of our hardware. But so far we are doing well. We feel pressured, but we are doing well, ”said Wang Xiang, President of Xiaomi on that occasion.

Another key factor is TSMC, the leading producer of semiconductors globally. United News reported that this company will raise the price of wafers or semiconductor sheets starting this month by 25%.

Xu Qi, vicepresidente de really globally and president of the company in China, told a press conference that the industry will begin to experience supply problems in mid-2021, which will also cover batteries and other key components.

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