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Members of the royal houses do not speak of feelings in public, but they do have ways in which their opinions transcend. In the last hours, after the announcement that Henry of England and Meghan Markle were no longer active members of the royal family, several spokesmen have leaked to the media how the events were forged and how the news has set in the palace. Thus, it has been known that William of England has felt “shocked and saddened” by his brother’s behavior towards Elizabeth II and believes that the declaration of the Duke of Sussex was “petulant and insulting to the queen”, who explained to his grandson that a life of public service is not compatible with the couple’s lucrative new career in America. He then withdrew their royal sponsorships and issued a statement explaining that they were no longer active members of the royal house. The new situation has added even more tension in the relationship between the children of Charles of England and Diana of Wales. Palace sources tell various British media that the differences between William and Henry represent the most serious rupture in decades within the British royal family. The siblings have supported and cared for each other since their mother died but now a big gap separates them.

The oldest of the brothers has never understood the youngest’s departure and even less the way in which he has managed everything. This last chapter has taken Guillermo by surprise, who still harbored some hope of rapprochement. They have gone from being inseparable and sharing everything to living completely apart. Guillermo also feels more committed than ever to the situation in his country with the pandemic. With his grandmother secluded in Windsor Castle, his grandfather admitted to a clinic and his father protected for being a person at risk, he has taken on many representation tasks. In these difficult times he expected to have the support of his younger brother. Guillermo has not only been hurt by his brother’s posture, but also how he has treated the queen.

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According to information collected in the last hours by the British press, Elizabeth II was surprised to learn that Enrique and Meghan had granted an Oprah Winfrey interview, which was recorded last Tuesday. The journalist spent two days at the Sussex home preparing the program that will air on CBS on March 7 and last for 90 minutes. The Sun ensures that Winfrey had access to the intimate life of the couple. There are other media that assure that, with this interview, the dukes of also tried to accelerate their final departure from the royal family and that the queen’s decision to withdraw their sponsorships has nothing to do with her and yes with the fact of having undertaken a new life in California. The couple resides there with their son Archie and awaits the arrival of the second.

In explaining the queen’s position on what constitutes a public service, a palace source has told the Daily Mail: “People should be able to look you in the eye and know that you are here for them, not to film a Netflix documentary. Being a member of royalty is doing a public service, not serving yourself. If public service is not your main purpose, and making money is, then it is impossible to represent the queen. ” And a royal aide added to the same newspaper: “When someone has dedicated their whole life to duty like the queen it is understandable that they have very strong opinions about what public duty implies.”

William and Kate welcomed Henry into their Kensington Palace home for years while he remained single. In addition, the three worked together in the foundations created to maintain the legacy of solidarity left by their mother. Meghan’s arrival changed the relationship. Guillermo was initially suspicious of the speed with which Enrique made his engagement with the then actress official and set a wedding date. She knew Enrique was crazy about her, but she asked him to take it easy. “Guillermo told his brother that they knew nothing about his background, his intentions, about what he really was like. I wanted to emphasize that being part of the royal family is a tough task and subject to relentless pressure and scrutiny, ”a palace source told The Sun. Later it was learned that weeks before the link the two sisters-in-law, Kate and Meghan, clashed during the preparations and that since then there has been tension between them. There began the distancing.

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