Winston 2030, the truth beyond the fear of COVID-19

Liberal state pandemic, COVID-19 economy
The United Nations Organization took advantage of the COVID-19 situation to promote abortion in underdeveloped countries. (File)

We have been with the COVID-19 pandemic for about a year and a half. And it is more than evident – or at least it should be – that it is not an exclusively medical issue, but a great experiment in biopolitics on a global scale where health is the smallest of the components.

This is due to the fact that those who look at the world as a model (gathered at the DAVOS Forum 2021 and at the UN), with the pandemic, had the opportunity to advance in their program of forming a big brother globally.

For example, La UN 2030 agenda Y The great reset proposed by the DAVOS Economic Forum do not constitute plans to improve life and the sustainability of the planet, but rather they pretend to be projects of human redemption by political power.

In truth, the DAVOS motto: “In 2030, you will be happy and you will have nothing”, is a declaration of war against our political, economic and social freedoms. Let’s remember the censorship in social networks suffered by conservative opinions (not even Donald Trump was saved). In addition, everything possible is being done so that private investors do not enter cryptocurrencies, less the gold market. Not to mention educational issues, since all initiatives run in the direction of taking parents and the family out of the education of their children, so that they are raised by the States, which in turn respond to educational agencies of the UN.

Since many will say that what is exposed here is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. It is very necessary to clarify something.

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A conspiracy is characterized by silence. That is, there are very few who know it, and whose central goal is to overthrow an established power. Well, in the case of COVID-19 it is the opposite.

First, that since the beginning of the pandemic, China was sought, although in Wuhan there is the largest bank of viruses in the world, from any type of responsibility. For example, the mere mention of Chinese Virus was considered racist and xenophobic.

Second, the United Nations took advantage of the situation to promote abortion in underdeveloped countries. A fact denounced by John Barsa through a letter sent to the UN Secretary General and Martha Cecilia Villafuerte, director of Ecuador Por La Familia.

Third, the pounding insistence on changing human behavior. In effect, we are following the trends that set the influencers (Something that the psychologist Harold D. Lasswell already described in the middle of the 20th century). In reality, even the perception of mourning was changed, because many people repeat that of: if your relative did not die of COVID-19, you do not know the true pain. Total nonsense, since every death of a loved one, and no matter the cause, is a traumatic process for those of us who live it.

Finally, the systematic and violent silencing of journalists, doctors and, in general, anyone who questions the mandatory use of masks, quarantines and the statistics presented by the World Health Organization.

To cite one case, in recent days, and by decision of the hosting providers, the event entitled COVID-19 and the great reset (with 35 thousand registered around the world) had to be canceled. Sadly, even the RAE joined the totalitarian game, since it has just introduced the term covidiota in the dictionary. Yes gentlemen, we are going back to the times of the Soviet psikhushkas, where thinking for oneself can be pathologized.

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But not all is lost. Because as Winston (fictional character in George Orwell’s novel 1984) would say: “As long as there is memory of the past, there will be hope.”

That is the task of those of us who believe that our nations must remain independent from globalism, that we defend the sovereignty of the family, and that we love freedom. Because under the slogan of New normality they try to erase traditions, feelings and affections. A most dangerous undertaking, as attempts to reach perfect worlds always end in bloody hells.

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