Winter Storm Delays Phase 1B Covid-19 Vaccination in San Mateo County | Video | Univision 14 San Francisco KDTV

county and tell us whenwill be available foreligible people in the phaseone.a delay in the delivery ofvaccine, is the reason whythe county failed to raise in thecounty, he told uscounty supervisor.the health department ofsan mateo county told usthat between today and tomorrow they waitreceive a shipmentmodern convaccines, thanks tothat various cynics havevaccine dose forinoculate 800 workers andlaw enforcement agencies, thisWednesday they began to vaccinateat least 2,300 teachers,assuming they will receiveenough doses …believes that the state governmentshould give you an exact numberof doses to send, to haveenough and be able to plan withantelacón the distribution ofthe same.[habla en ingés]residents canreceive your eligibility.only santa clara and sanFrancisco answered us,Santa Clara reported that she receivedshipment with modern vaccinesand that the county was not seenaffected because you wereenough doses to coverQuote. san countyFrancisco told us that thisweek expects to receive 12,950doses corresponding tothat the week did not arrivepast, more thanthey requested for this week,

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