CLEVELAND, Ohio – More than two weeks before Thanksgiving, it will be similar to Christmas in northeastern Ohio.

The National Meteorological Service has a winter storm clock scheduled to come on at 16:00. Monday for the counties Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, Geauga and Lake. Rain showers are likely during the day, but it is expected that the snow will change late Monday as temperatures drop steadily.

By early Tuesday morning, the temperatures are in their 20s and there is a 100 percent chance of snowfall. According to the weather service, about 5 inches on the floor in Cleveland could be on the morning of the commute on Tuesday. The snow is expected to last all day but the accumulations will not be that heavy.

Of course it gets worse in the snow belt. Heavy snowfall is possible and some areas could be more than 20 cm high. The sea effect snow could last until Wednesday.

Akron is not off the hook. More than 10 cm of snow could lie on the floor on Tuesday morning and another cm could fall during the day.

On Tuesday, cold weather set in, with highs in the early '20s in Akron and Cleveland. Tuesday night will be very cold, with lows around 14 in Akron and 18 in Cleveland.

The winter storm watch will remain in force most of the day on Wednesday, but is warmer. In Cleveland and Akron, the highs will be at 30. Partly sunny skies are expected in both areas.

The snow should not get stuck for too long. The temperatures will rise again in the 40s on Friday and in the upper 40s on the weekend.