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The Apple Watch Series 6, an exceptional device

Right now the Apple Watch Series 6 has an interesting discount that must be taken into account when making the comparison with the official price. This is the latest model on the market integrating really interesting functions compared to the previous generation. One of them is the possibility of measuring oxygen saturation in the blood to be able to diagnose some diseases early. Although this is a sensor that is not endorsed by a sensor with clinical validity, these results must undoubtedly be taken into account in order to consult the medical team.

In addition, other functions of previous generations are maintained, highlighting the measurement of the heart rate as well as the possibility of carrying out electrocardiograms. Everything is focused on being able to have information about the state of the heart, ideal for those people who have a diagnosed ailment and even to be able to detect it. Although it must be taken into account that this does not replace a fully verified medical equipment and that it guarantees a good result to be able to diagnose.

Specifically, the model that is on offer has an LTE connection that is one of the most expensive to buy on the Apple website. In this way, you can have an internet connection on your own watch to become totally independent from the iPhone. You can receive phone calls wherever you are as well as notifications from the different applications you have installed. This involves an extra cost and you will have to find the phone company that is compatible.

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The price that it has right now on Amazon is 428.99 euros, which is a discount of 100 euros with respect to the official price of 428 euros. In the case of the 40 mm model, it does have a lower discount of only 20 euros, always talking about the Apple Watch in aluminum. In the case of other models, there is a much more considerable price.

Amazon Guarantee

When buying a device as expensive as the Apple Watch, there is always fear of not doing it in the official store. The guarantee is one of those reasons but the truth is that you should not fear absolutely anything. When making the purchase on Amazon you will enjoy a two-year guarantee just like in the Apple store. And the truth is that the Amazon repair service in the second of the years today has a high satisfaction.

Buying from Amazon does not remove the fact that you can extend the warranty with Apple itself. We are talking about Apple Care + that will offer you a much more advanced program covering greater damages, especially when they speak that they are totally accidental and the repair may have a much lower price.

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