with Biden the USA “has returned as leader of the free world”

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson assured at the Munich Security Conference that, after the arrival of Joe Biden to the White House, the North American giant was once again the leader of the free world.

Biden participated in the conference, where other Western presidents and prime ministers also testified. This was one of the first public appearances of the new president in an international event, where he represented the United States, as reported NBC.

“As you have seen and heard before, America has returned unreservedly as the leader of the free world And that’s a fantastic thing, ”Johnson said at the conference.

Johnson, who has been associated with former President Donald Trump for his conservative stances, highlighted Biden’s speech at the Conference. In this sense, he affirmed that the United States “returned” to the leadership of the free world, dismissing the actions of the former Republican president during his four years in office.

Biden He assured in his speech that “America is back” and committed to the alliance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Similarly, he stressed his support for democracies and democratic institutions around the world, in addition to participating in the meeting with the G-7.

Johnson is confident of a good relationship with Biden

Johnson’s praise for Biden, without question, were welcomed with open arms at the White House and the Department of State. For his part, he is likely to be unwelcome by Trump, who had a good relationship with London during his tenure.

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“I warmly congratulate Joe Biden on his historic inauguration as the 46th (number) president of the United States. I want to work very closely with the new administration as we defeat COVID-19, “Johnson said on January 20, following the Democrat’s inauguration.

Mark Sedwill, Johnson’s former cabinet secretary, said the prime minister is satisfied with Trump’s defeat in the presidential election. “It would not have been beneficial for the British, European security and transatlantic trade; even less for the environmental agenda that the prime minister is committed to, ”Sedwill said.

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