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The voice of Facundo Arana animates the character of YOn, a loner wounded by love and memories who decides to face his own life far, far from Earth. With an aesthetic influenced by the universes of Star Wars and The Eternal One, Juan Carlos Quattordio gave life to his first animated short: “YOn my space”, which is published on his Youtube channel.

“I wanted YOn my space to be a flown concept, but understandable, that there are ships and robots, fantastic cities and crazy astronauts, but with a human base ”, he described.

You can see the short here:

“I was always very passionate and very romantic when I am in love or I write about love, I am moved by well-written movie lines “, Quattordio told LA CAPITAL and thus pointed out the romantic trait of his short.

Behind the fiction, which took him more than ten years to realize, what emerges is the friendship relationship: that of Quattordio with Arana or “Facu”, as he affectionately calls it. This is how the maxim of independent art reappears: the story behind the story is usually almost as fascinating as the finished work.

2010, the soap opera actor makes theater in Mar del Plata. It is the middle of the season and the work that has him as a co-star is “Power you can” with Nicolás Scarpino.

Of “cararrota”, Quattordio appears in the hall of the then Güemes theater, tells him that he is “a scriptwriter of an indie romantic comedy” and shows him his first web autobiographical short, “Boy meets girl.” And he asks you to lend your voice to the new idea.

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Of a “He painted a lot of vibes among us because Facu is a great fan of Argentine comics”recalled the animator based in this city.

From that meeting, ideas began to sprout. And “YOn my space” came to life as a detachment from “Boy meets girl.” The short should have been released in 2011, but certain disagreements with the former partner of Quattordio delayed the start of the work. Facundo understood that the short to which he would have to put his voice “would come out when it should come out.”

In between, to make the piece fit your ideas, the cartoonist learned to use animation programs. “The good of the bad was that I said to myself: ‘If you want something to go well, do it yourself.’. So I discovered free programs, I watched a lot of tutorials, and little by little I was doing little things, until I gained confidence. I am fifty percent animator, and the rest illustrator and cartoonist ”.

And although he understood that “ninety percent of the short belongs to him, he does not want to fail to mention the entire group of people who helped him in this adventure: “The collaboration of Alejandro Maidana, 3D animator and sculptor, Marcelo Capellaro 3S animator, Deby Campos in rotoscopy”.

And I add: “My great-nephew Santiago Quattordio contributed some drawings. Ricardo Valente contributed his art. And then I had loved people in the voices, such as Eduardo Calvo, the announcer and imitator Nico Sosa, Laura Rodríguez Ortiz, the Mar del Plata presenter and the Neuquén poet Vero Padín ”.

He finished editing it this summer, He was between twelve to fourteen hours a day sitting on his desk to polish his YOn. And already released, he recognized that the time that passed between writing and its dissemination was changing the meaning of history, a kind of constant updating.

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“This story, written in 2004, meant something to me: a closure to a romance. Then in 2010 I had a supposedly distant look at what happened to me. And in 2021 I think it is hitting because everyone would like to go live in a space station “, he reviewed.

“I am happy with the reception of the short, is liking a lot in different groups: comic people, Facu fans, cinema people, literature, geeks and the general public ”.

For the cartoonist, the background of his story is the search for spirituality: “A little what YOn tells us is: ‘Boys, girls, girls, do therapy, do something spiritual, look for a way to fix yourself, to be better, you can’t run away from the problem ‘”.

-The influence of Star Wars and The Eternal One is undeniable, how much did these universes of popular culture mark you?

– Tremendously, I am a son of Solano Lopez, Oesterheld and George Lucas. They are two fantastic and melancholic works, real in their delirium, tangible in their exacerbation. They are down to earth, like the Greek myths. We speak of gods, but the anecdote is human. And if that is not in place, if it is not there, it fails, it remains in the shell. Star Wars and the Eternauta are key to me. I was Luke Skywalker, someone who felt alone, misunderstood, I couldn’t find my place, I waited for the slightest opportunity to be able to do something else, be someone else. I went through several stages. Star Wars works because it is the path of the hero, which is nothing other than the path of the maturation of every person. It is not just a little story with monsters, ships and explosions. And the Eternauta, as Juan Sasturain says, shows that things can happen here, that we can dream from here something blown up, but at the same time, with human roots, credibility, humanity, with less cliches than other cultures. I love those two works from the depth of their concept to their dolls or stamp. I love them because they challenge me.


-Mar del Plata is also the backdrop in which YOn takes place, why do you find it interesting to incorporate it as a stage?

-I was in several cities in Europe, London, Moscow, Stockholm, Paris, Mallorca, Munich, Ghent and the truth is, they have things that we do not have and vice versa. It is a unique city. I will never forget when I saw the skyline of the city coming from Constitution Avenue in 1974 … it looked like New York. Until ’82, when I settled in, he came and fascinated me. From my old builder, I inherited a taste for architecture. I miss the Galindez promenade with hotels, it looked like Monaco … Here I show the Casino, the House of the Bridge (which is recessed) and a multiplied Aniston inn. We have a city that is ideal for series, movies. I think we have a beautiful location. I want to make more films that take place here.

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