With Morena’s poll in his sights, Castro Guzmán deploys advertising “arsenal”

San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur. Over the weekend the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) poll will be conducted to determine its candidate in Los Cabos. Among those registered are Óscar Leggs Castro, Héctor Torres Mendoza and Mayor Jesús Armida Castro Guzmán, who managed to register for the survey after many accusations made against the leaders of his party, whom he accused of being misogynists and of exercising political violence against gender against you.

After overcoming all that, and with the beginning of the poll at the door, the mayor of Los Cabos deployed all her “arsenal” to promote her image and ask that she be elected in the poll.

“We are in the times when decisions will be made, but those decisions will be made by citizens, not by a couple of misogynists who bet on changing the gender of Los Cabos. I have managed to get them to respect my right to participate and in that poll I am the only woman who will compete, and it will be the decision of the people who will decide who will lead the coalition in the next elections, ”Castro Guzmán declared through a video on social networks.

However, the mayor’s comment called attention in which she says “I hope that the state Morena respects the decision and stops lying,” adding that her struggle and work will continue to be in favor of citizenship and for asserting and respecting rights of women, however, it should be remembered that, during a virtual protest about the recent femicides, the comments on the mayor’s profile were deleted. Likewise, he has not made any pronouncement about the most recent case of femicide in Los Cabos, something that he is questioned a lot, especially when he insists that his fight is in favor of women.

Through social networks, a lot of publicity is observed in favor of the mayor, this through hundreds of profiles that they publish in groups that it is time to support her in the Morena survey, however, as these publications are not controlled by the team Castro Guzmán has many negative comments about his work and the conditions in which he has the City of Los Cabos.

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It is worth mentioning that since last January 26, the mayor has not been seen in public events, canceling her agenda and posting the “achievements” of her administration on the networks, but all of them occurred weeks and even months ago.

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