With nothing to see on Disney Plus? See the best shorts of the app

One of the advantages of the platform streaming of Disney is that it has special content that could only be seen in some movies, channels or even in the country.

Within these offers are several shorts that tell stories for all types of audiences: from fans of Marvel, even the staunch lovers of Toy Story. Here’s a list of the best.


The shorts of Ant-Man They have two peculiarities. The first is that they have an aesthetic very similar to that of the animations of the 60s or 70s that developed the company started by Stan Lee.

The second one is that it shows the adventures of Scott Lang, a character that was included in the films of the UCM instead of Hank Pym, the first man to wear the suit of the Super Hero that shrinks.

So far the series has a single season of six humorous episodes and in which Lang faces everyday problems of a peculiar character.

Forky asks

The fork that appeared in the fourth installment of Toy Story has its own series of shorts across the platform. In eight episodes, the newest of Bonnie interacts with their counterparts.

In addition to posing situations that the little ones can understand quickly, the chapters of no more than six minutes serve as a way to teach the little ones typical questions such as the use of money, friendship or time.

Droid Chronicles

As a continuation of Episode VII, this series of episodes used to C3PO and R2D2 to narrate various situations that occurred in the universe of Star Wars.

The entire series is based on computer animation and its characters are presented as Lego figures. Due to its content, it serves to introduce new generations to the film saga.

The series even makes fun of situations that changed with the remasters of the series and adds several local jokes that only fans of red bone can understand. Each episode It lasts 21 minutes and there are only six episodes.


Lovers Pixar they know that the company’s tapes usually include shorts right at the beginning of these productions. All this material is in Disney Plus.

However, you can also find some shorts that did not reach theaters through the catalog of Sparkshots.

How is it recommended?Purl??, the adventures of a ball of yarn that wants to succeed in the business world or ??Fleet??, the story of a boy who can fly and whose father tries to hide this from the world.


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