Rio Ferdinand, Ian Wright and Gary Lineker are going to Twitter to make fans shoot in videos that seem to show that vicious assault is being thrown at Raheem Sterling, as the police confirm that they have opened the investigation after supporter City star a & # 39; f ****** & # 39; seems to be called black c *** & # 39; Metropolitan Police investigates alleged racial abuse in Stamford Bridge There has been video on social media about an incident of the first half during the gameA fan seemed to take advantage of Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling & # 39; We are aware of images and will be the strongest action, Chelsea said. Some big names in the football world took social media to share their opinions. Host of the day of the day Gary Lineker called the behavior of fans & # 39; despicable & # 39; by

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15:52 EST, December 8, 2018

17:45 EST, December 8, 2018

Chelsea and the Metropolitan Police are currently investigating whether an incident of suspected racist abuse on social media on Saturday has been flagged. Hurricants emphasized a first half of the incident when a supporter appeared to be abusing Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling. A spokesman for Chelsea said: & # 39; We & # 39; aware of reports and video images. We will investigate the issue and take the strongest possible action where necessary. & # 39;

The Met Police investigates an incident of alleged racial abuse against Raheem Sterling

Followers of Stamford Bridge seemed to shout abuse in the city of Manchester. The Met Police said: & # 39; We are aware of an online circulating video claiming that racial abuse would target a player in a Chelsea v Manchester City match at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, December 8th. We will view the images to determine if violations have been committed. "There were no arrests, the Met added," some big names in the football world included Twitter in response to the video, in which a spectator would abuse Sterling and seem to take an offensive racial epithet. "Ex-Manchester United- defender Rio Ferdinand made his opinion known on social media, tweeting: & # 39; Are we going to continue allowing this kind of racist behavior? ??? Everything for kicking a ball! & # 39;

The footage was widely shared on social media and some believe that the supporter is the expression "****** black c *** & # 39; to Sterling seemed to speak out. Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright also weighed, assuming he had no illusion about what was being said. He wrote on Twitter: & # 39; The bad old time is back! Chelsea you are ashamed of this disgusting racist fan! absolutely no doubt about what he says. & # 39; Ex-Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand also made his views known about the video on social media, tweeting: & # 39; Are we going to continue allowing this kind of racist behavior? ??? Everything for kicking a ball! & # 39; Match of the Day host Gary Lineker called the incident & # 39; contemptible & # 39; while BT Sports presenter Jake Humphrey said: & # 39; If it is indeed proved that it is racist abuse, then I hope it is a lifelong ban. No place in this world. "Chelsea tries to establish the facts of the incident, and if there is a violation, a ban on life can be handed over to the supporter or to the supporters." Anti-discrimination charity Kick It Out later issued a statement saying: & # 39; We have received reports from various sources about an incident of allegedly racist abuse in the Chelsea-Manchester City game. "We will pass it on to Chelsea and offer our support in their investigation." Football Day damaged by prejudice. & # 39;

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