With “Star Wars” heroine Daisy Ridley & “Avengers” star Tom Holland: Trailer for the sci-fi film “Chaos Walking” – Kino News

What is worth waiting for? We’ll soon find out whether this adage also applies to “chaos walking”. The film with Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, shot in 2017 (!), Will be released in cinemas in early 2021. Now there is the first trailer:

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“Chaos Walking” has a long, chaotic history behind it: Studio Lionsgate, which has enjoyed great success in the genre of dystopian young adult films with its “Hunger Games”, secured the film rights to the books by author Patrick Ness back in 2011.

After some back and forth with the script and direction, the project finally got going in 2016, because a director was found in Doug Liman (“The Bourne Identity”, “Edge Of Tomorrow”) and the leading roles with Daisy Ridley (“Star Wars 7 -9 ”) and Tom Holland (the current Spider-Man from the“ Avengers ”films) are prominently cast.

The shooting then took place in 2017, which means that the film could theoretically have hit cinemas in 2018 (!). But apparently they were not at all satisfied with the material filmed: Lionsgate ordered extensive re-shoots, which, however, due to Daisy Ridley’s busy schedule, could only take place in April 2019 (!!) (and were carried out by “Evil Dead” director Fede Alvarez ).

The film is now in the cinema almost four years (!!!) after it was shot: The German cinema release date for “Chaos Walking” is currently February 4, 2021. A launch in the USA is planned for January 22, 2021. So then we find out whether the long wait was worth it …

What is “Chaos Walking” about?

As in “The Knife Of Never Letting Go” (published in German as “New World: Die Flucht”, but now also as “Chaos Walking – The novel about the film”), the first book in Patrick’s “Chaos Walking” series Ness, plays “Chaos Walking” on a planet called New World.

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This was settled by humans and after a war with the native aliens a disease was unleashed that not only killed all women, but also ensured that the male survivors could hear all the thoughts of the people and animals around them – the so-called “Noise”.

Therefore, the main character Todd (Tom Holland) is very amazed when one day he meets Viola (Daisy Ridley), who is not only a young woman, but also has no “noise”. Together, Todd and Viola make some shocking discoveries and flee from the violent men of Todd’s home settlement Prentisstown, led by Mayor Prentiss (Mads Mikkelsen) …

First picture for “Spider-Man 3” with Tom Holland: You have never seen Spidey like this!

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