With the ex’s law, Union tied Arsenal

Tate quickly had the chance with a shot inside the area by Javier Cabrera who took advantage of a rebound and the ball was left as if for execution. However, the Uruguayan striker chose the first post and the ball went wide.

But once again Bonansea was going to show his poise and solidity in the debut. At 13 ‘Carabajal sent a cross from the right and Jonathan Candia anticipated at the near post. But his shot on the run was deflected by the rojiblanco goalkeeper avoiding the fall of his bow, in another notable intervention.

And Union responded with a counter at 15 ‘, a crossed ball enabled Kevin Zenón on the left side. But his shot, somewhat forced by Carabajal’s closure, was deflected. The Union player was lying on the ground

Probable formations

Arsenal: 1-Maximiliano Gagliardo; 14-Mateo Carabajal, 2-Fabio Pereyra, 6-Gastón Suso, 3-Emiliano Papa; 8-Jesús Soraire, 5-Emiliano Méndez, 11-Nicolás Castro; 24-Alejo Antilef; 15-Ramiro Luna and 20- Jhonatan Candia. DT: Sergio Rondina.

Union: 35-Federico Bonansea; 4-Francisco Gerometta, 2-Franco Calderón, 24-Franco Godoy 3-Claudio Corvalán; 40-Leonel Bucca, 15-Sebastián Assís, 18-Fernando Elizari; 7- Javier Cabrera, 11-Juan Manuel García and 34-Kevin Zenón. DT: Juan Azconzábal.



Admonished: Bucca, Corvalán,

Stadium: Julio Humberto Grondona.

Referee: Hernán Mastrángelo.

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