With this cactus from the Xiaomi store, the mosquitoes will not bite you

Through its suction power you will leave the house free of flying bugs.

Last updated on 01/12/2021 at 10:13

A cactus from the Xiaomi store so that mosquitoes do not bite you? Yes it is. Though, as you can imagine, it is not a real cactus, It is a device that Sothing is selling on AliExpress, under the Xiaomi umbrella, and that is shaped like this plant.

And today we are going to talk to you about this device that takes up very little space, and that will be able to kill the mosquitoes that harass your rest at night, And this, now that summer is coming, is music to your ears.

Buy on AliExpress: Mosquito killer cactus

Give your home a designer touch while keeping it mosquito-free

Kill mosquitoes thanks to this cactus

This cactus is a device signed by Sothing, and will be able, as the brand promises, to kill mosquitoes that approach it, but without influencing your rest, you won’t have to put up with bad repellent odors or anything like that.

Buy on AliExpress: Mosquito killer cactus

And it is that, the device uses ultraviolet light, which you will hardly perceive, to induce mosquitoes to enter the mosquito killer lamp, and once inside, the name of this lamp will fulfill its meaning, basically.

Cactus xiaomi store

It can go on the bedside table or in any corner

The way in which this light will be powered is by microUSB, and you can plug it into any of the mobile chargers you have at home. And also, it has a tank where the mosquitoes will fall, and that you can easily extract and throw away.

Mosquitoes in the summer months can be a nuisance. And, despite the fact that we put mosquito nets, it is very possible that some of them will get into the home, and, surely, bite you while you sleep. And I don’t think it’s an exciting idea for anyone. And thanks to this cactus, which is also reduced to less than 15 euros, you can avoid it.

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