With this campaign, Apple raises its concerns at CES

Apple is one of the great brands that, in recent years, has been forced to evolve in an unexpected way.

With an initial focus on its products that for many years won the recognition of being especially innovative by the consumer, now the firm has turned its attention to its less tangible proposals where its services and its brand values ​​have been taken as a standard for compete in the market.

For some years now, Apple has focused on its services before its devices to grow in the market.

One of the closest examples was the launch of the iPhone SE, which although it arrived in the midst of great expectations in the market and boosted the income of the firm led by Tim Cook, was not the lifeline for the brand in the midst of the crisis.

These results, which span from April to June of this year, indicate that although Apple’s business was particularly affected by the closure of its points of sale and the paralysis of many players in its production chain, it is stated that the brand generated income from $ 59.7 billion, which is 11 percent more than the previous year.

In this way, the firm’s income was distributed as follows in the period studied:

  • iPhone: 25,418 million dollars.
  • Mac: 7,079 million dollars.
  • iPad: 6,582 million dollars.
  • Wearables, home and accessories: 6.45 billion dollars.
  • Services: 13,156 million dollars.

The iPhone SE was positioned as a key player to contain, in a certain way, the low levels of sales of the range of smartphones of the technology, before an industry that is affected worldwide.

However, the truth is that this low cost device was not exactly the savior for the technology firm.

The confirmation comes from Tim Cook himself, CEO of the company, who has stated: “He stated:“ This record Apple quarter during June was driven by double-digit growth in Products and Services, as well as growth in each of our geographic segments. In uncertain times, this performance is a testament to the important role our products play in the lives of our customers and to Apple’s relentless innovation. “

The annual difference in income in Services is 14.8 percent, although it is surprising that it is the first quarter in which its growth falls slightly (1.4 percent less than in the previous fiscal quarter).

Hand in hand with this approach, the firm has put its privacy and security measures at the center of the conversation, which in recent weeks materialized, for example, in the privacy labels applied in the App Stores.

With this in mind, it is clear that Apple’s concerns for 2021 will revolve around these two issues, services and privacy, a situation that has now been confirmed with the campaign launched by the company that owns the iPhone during the 2021 edition of CES.

While the rest of the participants in this enervo focus on giving way to their most innovative technological advances, Apple has decided to talk about the iPhone but from the perspective of privacy and security that it offers its users.

Apple’s campaign for CES also talks about the benefits of Apple Pay, while in a third intervention the focus is on her concern about the environment, an issue that in recent months put her in the eye of the hurricane by being involved with the removal of chargers and headphones in iPhone shipments.

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