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Even before the 6th season of “Vikings” it was clear: There will be no 7th season. For those who are now longing for more supplies after the series on Amazon Prime Video has ended, we have some suitable streaming tips.

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With the second half of the sixth season, the hit series “Vikings” came to an end at the end of 2020, but supplies are already in sight: the follow-up series “Vikings: Valhalla” is set to start on Netflix in 2021, with new ones around 100 years later Main characters.

But if you are already looking for (more or less) historical series fodder, in which things are not very squeamish in the midst of (family) intrigues, political intrigues and the tumult of battles, you don’t need to despair.

Below you will find a selection of corresponding titles that meet these criteria and can be conveniently accessed from local streaming services …

“The Last Kingdom”: A Viking between the fronts

“The Last Kingdom” currently offers the most adequate “Vikings” replacement, the book adaptation is thematically, tonally and chronologically so close to “Vikings” like hardly any other current series.

The focus here is the Anglo-Saxon Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon), who was kidnapped by Vikings as a child in the 9th century AD and raised by them. As an adult, Uthred has to choose between the mercilessly spreading Vikings and his native land, which puts his loyalty to the test.

All four seasons of “The Last Kingdom” can be viewed on Netflix. A fifth season has been ordered.

Roman history with “Barbarians”, “Britannia” and “Romulus”

If you want to go back a little further and get to the bottom of the events that shaped Europe at the time of the Roman Empire and thus immediately before the age of the Vikings, you should take a look at “Barbarians” and “Britannia”. While the Roman Empire took on Germanic tribes shortly after the year 0 in the German Netflix series “Barbarians”, in “Britannia” around the same time, Celts stood in the way of the powerful empire.

For all those who want to delve deeper into the history of Rome after these relentless conflicts, the series “Romulus”, which was set 800 years earlier and filmed entirely in Latin, is recommended, which is about nothing less than the founding myth of the city of Rome .

“Barbarians”, which recently got the green light for a second season, are available on Netflix, “Romulus” on the telecom streaming service MagentaTV and the two seasons of “Britannia” on Sky.

» Britannia and Sky Ticket*

With “Knightfall” into the late Middle Ages

If the series just mentioned go back further into the past than “Vikings”, “Knightfall”, on the other hand, takes us back to the later Middle Ages – and thus to the time of the Crusades, or rather to their end. After this remained largely unsuccessful, the motivation of the Knights Templar in the beginning of the 14th century has reached a new low.

This is also the case with the warrior Landry (Tom Cullen), who after the failures of his order not only doubts his mission, but sometimes also his faith. However, when new rumors emerge that the fabled Holy Grail actually exists, Landry’s fighting spirit is rekindled.

A special treat in the second “Knightfall” season: “Star Wars” icon Mark Hamill has a major guest appearance in several episodes.

Nevertheless, the history series was canceled after only two seasons. Both are still available on Netflix, however.

“Game Of Thrones”: Fantasy statt Historie

The series blockbuster “Game Of Thrones” doesn’t really need to be recommended to anyone again, but the enormously complex exceptional series should not go unmentioned in this list.

Instead of history, we are presented with a purely fictional world with a fantasy touch, but the bloody struggle for the throne of the medieval continent of Westeros exudes very similar vibes as “Vikings” and is – despite the controversial finale – also a repeated viewing more than worth.

»All seasons” Game Of Thrones “on Sky Ticket*

“Norsemen”: The funny answer to “Vikings”

After all the brutal assassination and intrigues, we would like to conclude by recommending the insider tip “Norsemen”, which is basically something like the comedy version of “Vikings”.

In the Norwegian series, sometimes silly, sometimes subtly smart, but in any case always deep black humor shows that the Vikings, in addition to all the conquering and butchering, also had to struggle with everyday problems that are not so dissimilar to ours today are.

All three previous seasons of “Norsemen” are available on Netflix.

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