With Zabaleta there are already five retired runners-up

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be kept in the history of Argentine football. Beyond the final lost in overtime to Germany, that team will remain in the footballer’s memory. The good sporting result plus the significant number of fans who traveled to the neighboring country generated a higher interest than the other competitions of the Argentina Selection In the last time.

Argentina lost the 2014 final against Germany. (Marcelo Carroll)

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However, time is running out and several of the players who won the silver medal have already begun to put an end to their career. So much so that Pablo Zabaleta announced his retirement at the age of 35 and after a long stint in Europe. In Ole we review the five footballers who have already left the activity.

Demichelis played the last games of the World Cup.  (AFP)

Demichelis played the last games of the World Cup. (AFP)

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Alexander Sabella had trusted Ezequiel Garay and in Federico Fernandez as the central duo of almost its entire cycle. However, he decided to change from the quarterfinals of the World Cup and opted for the entry of Martin Demichelis by the Newcastle defender. In that sense, it became a pillar of defense. Despite his importance in that event, he did not continue in the national team after the 2015 Copa América and two years later he closed his stage as a player in Malaga. Currently, he is the technical director of the Bayern Munich Under 19.

Lavezzi was Sabella's 12th player.  (Reuters)

Lavezzi was Sabella’s 12th player. (Reuters)

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The second to drop his life’s work was Ezequiel Lavezzi. Due to a knee injury that left him off the court for several months and from which he could never recover, El Pocho decided to retire in December 2019 when he was 34 years old. His last club was Hebei Fortune in China, where he spent three seasons. Like Demichelis, he had started the World Cup on the substitute bench and was entering the starting eleven.

Campagnaro was Sabella's wild card.

Campagnaro was Sabella’s wild card.

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With more than 400 matches on Italian soil, Hugo Campagnaro went through the window to the World Cup. Multifunctional for Sabella as she adapted in a line of three defenders as on the right back, she started the tournament as a starter against Bosnia and Herzegovina. The one born in Morón left football at age 40 after having saved Pescara from relegation. Right now, he is working in the lower ranks of the institution.

Basanta played only one match in the World Cup.  (EFE)

Basanta played only one match in the World Cup. (EFE)

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He had a 17-year career in which he stood out in the Mexican League. There, he earned the credibility of Sabella, who knew him from his time in Silver students when they won the 2008 Copa Libertadores. The left-hander decided to keep the booties at 36 years old and in the middle of the pandemic of the coronavirus. In the World Cup he played the quarterfinal match against Belgium.

Zabaleta, in the World Cup final.  Sabella indicates background.  (AP)

Zabaleta, in the World Cup final. Sabella indicates background. (AP)

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After being released from West Ham last June, Pablo Zabaleta took time to communicate his retirement. A fundamental part of the National Team in the Qualifiers heading to Brazil 2014 and also during that championship, the 35-year-old from Buenos Aires had a perfect participation in the tournament. San Lorenzo, Español, Manchester City and the aforementioned West Ham were the clubs he passed through.

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